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Tips, Tricks & ALL the FAQs
Spray tanning is a quick and easy way to get a healthy glow for any upcoming events, or just to make YOU feel good.  
A spray tan has the potential to last anywhere from 5-10 days with good care, but what exactly is good care? 


Here are some of my favorite tips & tricks for the best, longest lasting results.



 Many people don't realize this, but how you prepare for your tan is SUPER important. 



This should be done 24 HOURS PRIOR.

This removes any lingering old tan, and dead skin, leaving smooth even fresh skin to be tanned.

Feel free to use your favorite scrub or tanning mitt to exfoliate.

This is also a good time to soak in hot water, or use the steam room.

*If you must shower the day of, please do so AT LEAST 4 hours prior, this give your pores a chance to close up, and avoid that spotty "dirty" look. 



Should also be done at least 24 HOURS PRIOR to your tan.

This includes mani/pedi, waxing/shaving & lashes.

Doing any of these routines day of or post tan could effect the results and lifespan of your tan.



Before & After specifically DOVE SOAP.

Bar soap can effect your PH balance prior to your tan (which can cause discoloration) & strip the color post tan. Same goes for shampoo, wash your hair the night before and wipe any residue lingering on your back & shoulders.

*You can now purchase spray safe bar soap at your appointment.


Day  Of:

For best results, avoid-

  • Deodorant

  • Makeup

  • Perfume

  • Lotions/creams/oils.

  • Shaving with a razor that contains a moisture strip

These products can act as a barrier and could effect the color and evenness of your tan. 



Now that you have your gorgeous glow, let's make sure it lasts!


Depending on which solution you choose (standard or rapid) leave on for the allotted time.

During this time it is VERY IMPORTANT to avoid moisture (rain, snow, sweat etc.)

Wear long sleeves & pants to avoid spills, and skin on skin contact

(specifically when sleeping in the Standard solution**)



  • Rinse with cool  to warm water.

  • DO NOT USE ANY SOAP for the first rinse. Let the water rinse off your tan until the water in the drain turns clear.

  • Use your hands to help guide the color off, but avoid using a washcloth or loofah.

  • PAT DRY with your towel and avoid scrubbing, use this method through the duration of your tan to avoid creating patches/uneven skin.

  • MOISTURIZE! with an oil free moisturizer. *This is the key to an even fade and long lasting tan. 



What to avoid:

  • Hot showers, steam room/sauna, hot yoga or any workout that causes extreme sweating. 

  • Chlorine and ocean water can cause fading so keep this in mind if you are tanning for a vacation.*Remember sand is a natural exfoliant, if you find yourself at the beach remember the "Pat Dry" towel method and blow off any sand before drying.

  • Products with alcohol, this will dry out your skin, causing a patchy look.  

  • Oil based products, this can remove your tan




Spray tanning does NOT work as an SPF! Use an oil free cream based SPF. 


In between tans it is helpful to a use tan extender/lotion, to top up any areas you feel have lost their glow.


Again, avoid bar soap while your tan is on, use shower gel or body wash, and DO NOT use loofahs or wash cloths when showering/bathing. 


The most important tip post tan is to moisturize,  my recommendation is to moisturize 3x daily. Once in the morning, midday and again before bed.  

Moisturizing immediately after a shower is the best time, as your pores are open and absorb the most moisture.


Before your next tan make sure to scrub off any lingering spray tan, this will ensure a new even tan.


Keeping up with weekly/biweekly tans is the best way to guarantee a perfect tan all year long. 


Have any other questions for me? Head over to the contact page.

Curious what an at home tan looks likeTake a look at the video below.

Happy Tanning!

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